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If you're a fantasy enthusiast looking for a new series in which to delve, we have good news. You found it! If you're not or you just don't like text telling you what to do, we have bad news. You're gonna miss out on a journey full of exciting action, witty pop-culture driven comedy, heartstring-tugging romance, suspenseful mystery, modern and ancient worlds colliding, and characters so compelling and diverse you'll feel as if they truly existed.

Still not sold? Well act now and you get an "I hate infomercials" t-shirt free with... Okay. That part wasn't true. Did we mention we apologize for anything resembling an infomercial? Cause we do. So yeah. Moving on...

We hope you have fun here at the home of M.T. Sullivan's engaging new literary adventure. If you think it might be for you, feel free to visit any of the available links to the right, where you can get your copy of Slaibron: A World Apart.

See you in Bleshand!

The Slaibron Team

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